Fuckin' A Prince!


Hooking up at a local hotel, I get there first and stroke to harden. With a knock at the door, in comes Seth Miller; he's a very hot muscled bottom. Pushing me back on the bed, Seth's mouth quickly finds my cock; he devours my shaft filling his throat. Reaching around for a feel while he blows me, my finger soon finds his tight hole. Pumping back on my hand, Seth moans while his defined body ebbs and flows.

"Wanna fuck me?" Seth begs. Lubing up his hole and my shaft, he works me in slowly; "that's fuckin' big," he groans. Riding and grinding on my hips and cock, Seth warps his legs in tight and opens up. I move to the edge of the bed; he follows eagerly. Inserted, Seth gives me an, "oh yeah, fuck me." Stroking his Prince Albert, he squeezes my shaft and unloads. Adding to his release, I spray and taste our hard work. The cute top in this BackRoomFuckers.com film is Caleb Thorn.