Adian Storm Fucks Marcus


When Adian Storm pops up on my caller ID, I'm half way out the door, answering his call; that guy is hung. Hooking up, by the time he unzips my pants, I'm as hard as I get; Adian's mouth slides down my shaft. Pulling out his cock, while doing me, I can see he is growing. Moving to the top of the bed, I follow his lead and cock; my mouth wraps around as much as I can. After tasting what I've swallowed, Adian says, "let me see that hot ass of yours;" I get on all fours and give him a wink.

His tongue pushes in and licks every part of my hole; he's so good at that, I can't wait for his cock. Sliding me to the edge of the bed, Adian goes in and I lose my breath for a moment; he is huge. Getting used to the size, I open up and he takes all of me. Flipping me to my back, I grab my legs to accommodate him. It's not long before I jerk my dick, just in time to spew. Inside me as I cum, Adian feels my throbbing hole then shoots right after me; he starts sucking up our jizz. This boy is such a hot top. For, Marcus is the bottom in this big scene.