A Bareback Backroom Blast


I always like to take a seat, hang my fat cock out, and see who'll "cum" my way. As one twink, Neal Daly, goes right for the cock, the bobbing gets the attention of Brenden Forrest. Well, looks like we've got a nice three-way for today on BackRoomFuckers.com. Jerking myself, I let the other two play. But soon, my cock begs for attention and we are all at it. Brenden slides into Neal as the fucking begins; I watch and keep hard. Now that Neal is opened up, it's my turn; yep, he feels every inch I push in.

I do tend to hold back a bit at first; don't want the boy hopping off the table before I'm done with him. Grabbing the edge of the table for support, Neal soon gives the okay to cut loose. After a bit, I check on Brenden; he gives an, "oh yeah" as he is ready for me. Good from the start, Brenden takes all of me in one go; damn, he's a nice bottom. Close, we gather and I have Neal and Brenden unload on me. What they do not eat up, I use for lube to get myself off; the two eagerly lick up all I blew. The "star" with the thick cock is Zack Perry.