"I'll Take That One"


I told BackRoomFuckers.com, I just like to fuck. I'm not real friendly, but I'll pick a guy out and give him a lot to enjoy. Waiting off camera, I watch as Adian Storm goes to his knees. Richie Boi, the really shy one, Cody Marsh, who sucks on Richie a bit and Dorian Jensen, the guy with the heavy shadow, all do their thing. Damn, watching Adian swallow, I figure that mouth has got to have a nice hole as well, so I lean over to the director and tell him, "I'll take that one."

All the kissing and sucking and shit, they can all do; I'm here to fuck. Bobbing on each other, they go around a few times, and Richie cums, then Cody, but I'm done waiting. I see a nice fuck bench and go into action. Adian, with those "fuck me" eyes is working on Dorian when I tell the bottom, "I'll suck ya;" Adian goes right over to the bench. After a bit, he works me up and I shove my cock in, "cuz" I can; Dorian is blown some more, and then blows into the bottom's mouth. That sweet hole is feeling great, so I flip him over and have a second go. By the time I give him my load, Adian just gobbles it down. I remind him I don't kiss, but I tell him, "I'll fuck you, anytime."