In For A Lube Job


These grease monkeys have a lot in common, besides their tools. In this video, as the two go to lock the door, a whole group of others "cum" in to get a "job" as well. Stroking, sucking, blowing, the two boys work on the rest until they cream; as the sign says, "Danger Men Playing." Sharing the jizz, the cum swallowers then turn their attention to one last "stiffy;" he soon shoots and departs.

With a, "go ahead," we soon see who is the bottom and who is the top. Taking the thick cock full on, from the start, the only reason the top stops is to take the abundant cream from the bottom as he jumps up and spews. He then lies back down and opens up his hole again. With still more pounding, the bottom continues to unload droplets on his stomach. The top is finally ready to "give his all;" the amount he dumps onto the torso and face of his partner is just incredible!